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"This book is truly an immersive experience, giving children the tools to explore prayer at their level. This is spiritual development that will support them as they grow!"- Eliana Light, founder of the Light Lab

“An exquisite prayer book with inviting and magical collages and color. Evelyn has a talent for saying complex things in words that children and adults can understand.” Joy Schandler, MAJE, RJE
Director of Congregational Education and Early Childhood Education Strategies Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education

"One of a kind book. Spectacular in every way! A must-have for Jewish educators and parents alike."
Lisa Baydush, Early Childhood Music Specialist



 Beautiful book! It is like a warm hug wherever you are!

Words From My Heart is a BEAUTIFUL story which makes me feel as if I'm getting a nice warm hug every time I read it! The activities are FANTASTIC to help children and adults who have no idea what prayer is, to really understand. I've bought two already and I'll be gifting this book to a number of other people, children, schools and teachers! It's worth EVERY penny and more!



Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

A whole family experience. Interactive book full of leaning (hebrew, celebrations, Israel...). Beautifully designed. The book is a very helpful tool to explain our kids Jewish values and the our amazing traditions.



Bright, colorful, and engaging...

Words From My Heart is the newest book by Evelyn 'Ms Eve' Goldfinger, and I love it. Although it's written to engage kids, it provides many opportunities (in fact it encourages) for parents/adults/older siblings to learn and teach together with them. There are coloring and writing and drawing prompts on every page. Every page where something can be cut out is cleverly designed so that it's double-sided on the page and you don't lose any important information when you remove the cutout from the book... Just seems like such a small thing yet it's so clever and so important and it really shows Evelyn's insight into creating a book like this, and understanding how families might use it. The use of Hebrew, translation, and transliteration offers even the non Hebrew speaker a chance to expand vocabulary and engage in prayer as a creative process and not as a rote process. There is so much going on in the book that I realize I don't have to use the book in a linear fashion. I could jump around from the front to the back to the middle - I could use the language resources - I could engage color by color which also offers a clever alignment of the four pillars of the topics that she's teaching. I could use the many QR codes to also watch videos and songs and expand from what's just on the page to a whole world that's streaming on Evelyn's website. I've long loved Evelyn's work because it is multilingual: from English to Hebrew to Spanish (this book does not offer much in Spanish however all of the QR codes invite you to engage in her videos and music and other materials in three different languages). Let your children use this book by themselves or use it together or use it in school. I love it and I think you will too.



I super recommend it!!

This book encourages children (and adults) to connect, to appreciate what we have, and to be grateful, among other things. Personalizing the book takes the experience to another level. My kids love it! I super recommend it!



A beautiful resource to support and strengthen children's prayers

This book helps children connect with different aspects of Jewish prayer using child-friendly images, engaging activities, and simple explanations. The book is organized around four aspects of Jewish prayer: gratitude, request, teshuva and praise. Children are invited to participate by relating these aspects to their own lives, for example by searching in the house for things they can be grateful for, or creating their own personalized notes to say sorry. The book is printed on paper that children can draw on. Colorful, beautifully designed, and perfect for Jewish children learning to pray.



An Interactive , spiritual and creative Jewel of a book

When you open up "Words from My Heart: the Hands on Jewish Prayer Book," you're in for spiritual journey that is both creative and fun and reaches into your soul and into your heart ---For the young and young at heart---it will open up ways to connect with G*d --on all levels--Have scissors, glues stick, markers and pencils handy. My seven year old grandson loved doing the word find---it's a great conversation starter between the generations!



Beautiful new book on spirituality and Jewish prayer

I am so impressed with Words From My Heart, the Hands-On Jewish Prayer Book! This incredible book is filled with thoughtful activities and interactive ways of thinking about prayer. As a service leader who works with young children, I am so excited to have discovered this resource; as a grandparent, I can’t wait until my granddaughter is old enough to engage with it with me. Bright, colorful and deeply insightful, this book is a must-have for Jewish educators and parents alike.




 Visually striking and very engaging!

Both my daughters, 7 & 9, sat down with this book and didn't want to get up until they went through all the activities. They were very excited and engaged at every step. The book brings complex concepts to life in a very simple by way by relating them to what children know from their every-day experiences. it's written in a way that as a parent you can have in-depth conversations about spirituality at their level, or they can even read and create their own prayers on their own. it's a wonderful introduction to some basic, but essential, concepts that will give them the building blocks for their thinking around what it means to be a spiritual person and how that shows up in their daily life.



A must have!

This is an amazing resource for those wanting to introduce their youngsters to prayer. Even as an adult, it opens eyes to the emotional aspects of prayers and makes for an amazing conversation starter with those who are looking for connection with something bigger than themselves. As an educator, I strongly recommend this book! Keep it in your home library so that your children can interact with it frequently!



Such a beautiful and meaningful book!

This is a really special book that I think so many kids and their parents will really enjoy and appreciate. It's a wonderful introduction to Jewish prayer in a very interactive and relatable way. I love the graphics - they're really inviting. I also love the way Eve breaks everything down and teaches the basic Hebrew. It just feels really warm, comforting and joyful - which is a perfect way to introduce young children to prayer.

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